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5 Thoughts on Working at Home as Teacher

  1. The Teacher’s Home as Work Space
  2. Job Opportunities for Teachers Working at Home Only
  3. Side Hustles Online
  4. Avoid Losing Money When Working at Home as Teacher
  5. Resources

1. The Teacher’s Home as Work Space

Working at home as teacher is not an option for any teacher. It’s a natural part of the job. And it’s the reason why teachers actually quit their job, too. Working at home is a teacher’s lifestyle. This article does not address how to find a balance between private and work life – that’s found in the related post. Whereas this post here rather aims at those teachers who’d like to enhance their sphere into new online teaching opportunities and where to start.

With the new school situation in 2020 the teacher’s workplace has switched again – at least for the majority of us. We teachers are now working only from home in some countries while in others, governments try to head for “normal” school life again and open up schools step by step. If you need to switch from on-site classes to working at home classes, go for a brief introduction in German with links to resources in English.

For some teachers, it’s just not possible to balance out work and life when your private and work lifes are getting mixed up to the degree that all teaching is done from home with outward accountability. They look for a solution to better integrating both parts of just one life.

Whatever your situation is and whatever has brought you here – something goes on in your life that you’d like to have clarification on. That is what this post is intended for: to help you with sorting out your current work situation as teacher and what ideas are out there online to pursue them or not. You’ll also come across pitfalls to avoid.

If you also care for ergonomic aspects and pragmatic ideas on organizing your space and your time, be sure to check out this blog post of a Swiss University of Applied Sciences.

2. Job Opportunities for Teachers Working at Home Only

Teaching English. The most obvious opportunity working at home as teacher is to teach English if you’re a native speaker – and if you aren’t. There’s a rising Asian market continuously demanding teachers being able to providing children English lessons on weekdays in Chinese core hours. These are around 6-9 pm (CST) and on weekends. If you’re willing and able to adjust your schedule around those needs you might want to research on that option. Most of the companies require teaching experience for English as second language before native fluency. These positions are oftentimes employed. Earlier on paid poorly, salaries have now risen a bit because of the high competition amongst Asian companies to satisfy the demands of families mainly in China.

Teaching other languages. For global online language institutes you might want to check out resources on learning German. There is a resource for “all” languages included. This resource lists a range of language learning institutions that act globally and are not bound on certain schedules. Learning a foreign language is always demanded especially by adults who face a role shift or would like to travel internationally or for so many other reasons. Oftentimes, such teaching position is freelancing, and you’d set yourself up for a self-employed role.

Specialized competencies in teachers offer them a range of options working at home. Do you have a unique educational background or work experience? With a certificate in any area of additional knowledge you’ll head for a stand-alone market position with all specialized institutions in your category, and with some plattforms or learning support centers that operate online, too. Therefore, just check out “jobs” with your specialization X in a general job search as for a start, or go directly into job plattforms.

Other opportunities. The global homeschool market is in constant need for certified teachers. There are companies, which have job openings for a specific subject and teaching period. Most of them provide you the curriculum and syllabus ready-to-go. Others instead, allow for individual outlines and course creation or speaker opportunities. However, you might not be sure to sell it them. And still others promise to engaging you without you needing to do any correction or assessment work. How to find them? Lots of those companies have a job or career section in their website’s footer, where you may start browsing opportunities. With any specific need, feel free to contact me.

3. Side Hustles Online

Teachers who’d like to working at home entirely can consider taking on side hustles before switching to online work only. The only purpose of those side hustles for teachers is NOT earning money. It’s to test what it’s like working at home with low-risk jobs, like surveys. Actually, it’s to giving you a feel what it’s like connecting online with companies for a paid service and doing an online job. The idea is to find a side hustle and then, testing out what it’s like to sitting in your home all the time with no school routines present, chats on the floor, noise going on.

If you need money really quick with a low entry-level job and on top it shall be legitimate then, go straight to this trustworthy resource aimed at women working from home. You’ll find a list with links to easy income options for working from home online. What you often need is time but not so much any online work experience. For a list of three more general resources scroll down.

What’s your risk in it? In case that it was not a good fit for you you’ll find that out quickly. You’ll only lose a bit of money or time before you would have possibly switched positions entirely by putting all your eggs in the online pot, giving up on your teaching job possibly. Do you want that, indeed?

4. Avoid Losing Money When Working at Home as Teacher

Investments. Do you want to working at home? And you’re up to buying something? First, I’d recommend to double-check if you really need it. It may be a material or digital product, which is easily bought but never used in the future. That is dead money on your computer or in your house. It’s been a waste of money, indeed. Instead, entering into a habbit of budgeting tightly will increase your discipline on actually using what you’ve bought.

Scam. The term ‘scam’ has to do with companies that appear to offering legitimate jobs and salaries but actually head for your money. If you want to make sure you’re getting along a trustworthy company research “company X” and “scam”. To avoid scams it’s recommendable to do a job search only using “remote work” or “telecommute work” as search terms. It seems that scammers rather use to operate on the search term “working at home” since this is the phrase used by less experienced job seekers. So, take care.

Speed. Making the right investments often is knowing what you need. If you plan to working at home as a teacher you probably already have some up-to-date technology. However, if you’re not sure where to invest first, you might want to consider three things: your device’s speed, your safety & firewall, and both, a high-quality webcam & headset. As for speed – if you don’t mind being shown quite some ad windows, there’s a free speedtest available where you can test your upload and download speeds. Find speedtest for the DACH region in this related post in German. A highspeed, stable internet connection along a current device opens up quite some face-to-face teaching opportunities.

Technology. Some companies require evidence upon application that you’re equipped with not only a stable connection, which shall usually never be wireless. They’ll ask you for an updated virus technology. I know of at least one company that requires you to pass a test of your hardware before getting an invite to working at home as teacher with them. In that case you need to make up your mind if you’d actually don’t mind them entering your system. As for software and hardware please, check out some high quality computer magazines or ask professionals amongst your family and friends. Then, you’ll better know what you really need and what not for a specific role.

5. Resources

Plattforms are a huge help to get your content across when you’ve already got some students. Learn more about teaching online under headline #8, where several resources are listed. Even though it’s all in German you can use the links, which lead to English websites as well.

For work techniques on personal development as teacher check out a related post.

Entry general opportunities online. This site here is aimed at women and offers a good list for taking on a side hustles. Again, the idea is to give it a try not to earn a full monthly income.

Teaching jobs online. Pre-screened legitimate job opportunities for working at home as teacher can be found via a membership site called Flexjobs. Check it out here. It’s pretty much like famous sites like Upwork or Indeed or what have you. However, the difference is that Flexjobs solely focusses on flexible work and only offers jobs that fit the flexible category with up to 100% flexibility to working at home to regional or part-time-bond jobs. So, check this one out.

For U.S. readers and women, this site for women working from home is just recommendable for remote job issues, including weekly job leads. It’s not so much for working at home as teacher but sometimes, it includes jobs listed for education. You may sign up for weekly job leads into your inbox via her menu.

Working at home with young kids. Do you like the idea of earning income working from home but wonder how to juggle it all, especially with young kids? This post has 15 actionable tips organizing kids and working from home if you don’t mind to step over some ads in the middle. The advice is taken from real life, written by a mom who did just that. Possibly, she has not been working at home as teacher. Her tips address the struggle of combining work and private life.

One final question: Why have you started out becoming a teacher, actually? Was it to helping your students grow? Never forget about that.

Working at home as teacher is possible entirely online. Whether online only or in a traditional role either way, your work will always be at home to some extend.

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