Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas for Christmas

3 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas for Christmas

Do you seek last minute teacher appreciation gift ideas for Christmas for your child’s teacher? Here you are with Christmas gift ideas for teachers from an actual teacher.

Who is Your Child’s Teacher?

Think of your child’s teacher, the one who shall get the Christmas gift. Who is she or he? What does your child’s teacher like as for colours, decoration, and other things. Think of the classroom. What does it look like? Observe well, take a moment and put yourself in the teacher’s shoes. Then, ideas will flow.

A word upfront…

  • Not every idea suits every teacher. Know him. Know her. Think of what this teacher would enjoy.
  • Keep in mind that not all teachers are allowed to accept gifts; this is especially true in public education to guard their neutrality. In such cases, you may include all teachers for a Christmas gift. Alternatively, you may include the entire course’s or class’s parents to give the one teacher a gift.
  • There are so many kinds of teachers – after-school teachers, formal education teachers, sports coaches, afternoon-activities teachers, sunday school teachers. The connection between subject taught and teacher gives you a hint to ideas of what’s probably appreciated as Christmas gift.
  • Rule of thumb: Teacher appreciation gifts for Christmas shall be such that your teacher can store them away easily after the season. There’re so many papers or materials that teachers need to store up for any season.
  • Therefore, let your Christmas present be small or consumable.

We teachers understand gifts as your way to thank us. And you do this in form of a gift. That’s why it’s not so much about the costs involved. It’s about your heart involved. A grateful heart.

Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas for Christmas

A handmade Christmas card. Depending a bit on how sophisticated you plan the present to be it costs you from nothing to – a bit more. And the good thing about a Christmas card is not only the low price. It’s that it can be stored easily even over a long period of time. It’s one of the few presents where your child may put a personal note on. Use handwriting. Color a decoration. A homemade Christmas card is where your child can tell the teacher why he or she likes classes with him/ her, and so much more. See some slides with quick ideas on the Good Housekeeping website.

A homemade window decoration is what I once received. I have kept it to the day. A mother gave me a big transparent star she made. It was such a useful Christmas present because it was just 2-dimensional. In addition, it was beautifully made. Even though the size was huge, it was easy to store away when season was over. This Christmas star was also neutral as for colors. It would have fit with almost everyone’s home. Since taste is always different, a neutral appearance of the Christmas gift is a good idea. See 4-min YouTube video to window star, without voice-over and at the beginning a 5s ad.

A note from every kid in the class bundled together. This is a wonderful Christmas present for teachers but it’s also valid as end-of-the-year teacher gift. You may prepare this as a physical gift or as online gift, which results easier when you need to get many parents coworking together on this. So, you decide for one-size-fits-all idea. Choose a format, choose a content – with or without pictures, paintings, text – and put it all together in that one Christmas appreciation gift for your teacher.

>> Tip: DIY Christmas tree decoration to do with your child – in German.

Useful Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers Taken from Nature

An Advent wreath. Even young children can help you preparing the Christmas gift with branches of the fir tree. You put some decoration on it, and it’s a creative gift to be put on the table inside, and oftentimes outside, too. Maybe your teacher wants preserving the branches as long as possible? Then, it’s good for you to think of additional decor such that it remains beautiful even with changing temperatures. See Advent wreath tradition in the western or Lutheran Christian tradition.

An Advent arrangement. Let me tell you a quick story. One year, and only once ever, a parents’ representative from my class managed to hand over an Advent arrangement to me only few days before Advent season started. That was meant to be put in the classroom. This precious present was one of the best teachers Christmas gifts I’ve ever received. Why? It was not only good for myself but for the whole group, too. Even teenagers who sometimes make themselves appear cool and uninvolved enjoy the beauty of the season. They like lit candles on an Advent arrangement, see picture of one in this German blogazine Sophiagaleria.

Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gifts for Christmas

Candies, cookies, tea, coffee. If you’d like to spend money on the teacher’s gift but not a whole lot, something sweet is consumable and therefore, good. It’s usually small enough. Therefore, you won’t make your teacher feel like he or she cannot accept it. However, it’s big enough to show your appreciation of the teacher’s work. Keep one word in mind here: If the teacher suffers from a known illness or doesn’t like coffee please, don’t give him or her those kinds of presents. In current times of hygiene regulations have the comestibles well-packed, too.

A booklet with a story related to Christmas. Teacher appreciation gift ideas for Christmas have often to do with the teacher’s class, too. We were talking about that just a minute ago. Buy a small booklet where the teacher can read aloud a story from each school day in Advent. This enhances the anticipation of Christmas season in the class. It’s especially true for elementary age learners. Such a gift is unique and hard to find. Your child’s teacher may keep using it in classroom for many more Christmas seasons to come. That’s why it’s one of the best gifts you can make your teacher. An novel idea for you: Treasures of the Snow by Patricia St. John.

>> Final tips to related posts. Christian graduation gifts helps you to find more ideas for presents, and Christmas movies to watch with your child in the Christmas season; it’s a post is in German with links to the English versions.

Teacher appreciation gift ideas for Christmas are easy to get just by appreciating your teacher in your heart – and ideas will flow out of your gratitude.

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