Make Money Teaching English Online

How to Make Money Teaching English Online – 3 Steps

If you want to make money teaching English online you need to think of three aspects. That’s what this article is all about:

  1. Your background and the needs of English language services
  2. Your ideal job and how to find the company with the best overlap
  3. Organisational details of a remote role

1. Your Background and Where to Make Money Teaching English Online

A job search is not a search for a spouse that you want to marry some day. However, there’re some things in common. You want to find a good fit. Thus, you need to ask yourself certain questions that help you understand if that job fits you or not. Here you are with a general inspirational list on thinking questions before acting to get you in the mode of asking. Questions help you check on your background. If you want to make money teaching English online start asking yourself about…

  • Your teaching experience – informal / formal teaching, children / adults, individuals / groups;
  • Any certificates in English – usually companies look for a specialized English teaching allowance, like the official sites for TEFL, CELTA, TESOL – here you are with a possibly inofficial site of TESOL online courses for general skill enhancement and here a TESOL Australia website to earn a certificate or here via an open academy;
  • IT-Skills – tools / programs you’re familiar with and possibly, remote work experience;
  • Language level – oftentimes, it’s not necessary to being a native speaker;
  • Your preferences – teaching independently before a screen without a context of a school;
  • Your schedule – does such a (new) job fit into your current situation;
  • Make money teaching English online interculturally – be ready to teach crossculturally. Study contextualized methods and techniques with that recommended book. Learn how to identify cultures as either shame or guilt oriented with flat vs. steep hierarchies and with focus either on the group or the individual. These four major types of ‘cultures’ result in four different values and belief systems, which call for you adapting your teaching style;
  • Soft skills – check this post on personal development.

All of such knowledge can be summarized in your resume, which you send to an company you want to teach with. The next step is to prepare for the job interview.

2. Your Ideal Job and Your Ideal Company to Making Money Teaching English

Go through the following:

  • Hours – how many weekly, how long (i.e. 20, 40, 45, 60 min), weekdays / weekend, timezones, your availability;
  • Your boss – who do you report to and who may you ask questions;
  • Payment – how much are you worth and what’s the offer;
  • Clients’ ages – young children, older children, youth, adults;
  • Setting – group / individual, fixed students or turning, minutes per lesson;
  • Company’s overall vision – with / without artificial intelligence (AI);
  • Targeted clients’ social status and thus, expectations on you – any discomfort?

The context is important as it helps you better understand if you can compromise in an area as it is balanced out with another. Most important is to know if you personally can and want to fulfill the needs of the company you’re in contact with. Sometimes, one area is so important to you (example: payment) that you are ready to sacrifice on night hours of sleep (example: contrasting timezones).

3. Organisational Details of Making Money Teaching English Online

There’re key elements that companies require when you plan to start your teaching role. And here, we don’t talk about your computer. These basics are checked off for example after the initial job interview. If you passed it, you might then get an invite for a sample lesson teaching English online for 5 minutes with any topic. Get ready:

  • Props – have you got puppies, a white board, magnets to teach with?
  • Background – some companies care for a neutral wall / background;
  • Your clothes – as sign language translaters, wear a uni-colored shirt;
  • Talk with hands and mouth – are you willing to continually express with your hands what you say;
  • Example – how to pass a job interview: You-Tube video.

If you want to make money teaching English online get your hardware ready, first:

  • Security – Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam – even check back with any company on the version;
  • Speed – some companies require a minimum upload speed. In this article, I’ve refered to a free test tool;
  • Headset – some companies only allow for certain brands;
  • Computer – a smartphone won’t do, and any computer shall have an up-to-date version on which it runs to comply to the companies’ softwares.

And finally, you’ll need to get ready legally

  • Freelancer or employee – most likely, you’ll need a tax number as self-employed worker;
  • Payment – you’ll need an account to receive payments – check on the procedures on this with each new company;
  • Reporting / Track keeping – you need to have an idea of how to manage your work hours, your classes given, your receipts and more.

Make Money Teaching English Online. Get Organized. Get Started. Get the Job.

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