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How to Homeschool Online 2021

This post is a review of how to homeschool online with virtual schools, membership sites and more. It’s not so much on finding the right homeschool curriculum. Instead, it’s on getting to know leading institutions, mainly those operating in the US but also some international ones.

Just looking for an online school? Go straight to the table of content.

  • New to homeschooling and want to learn how to homeschool online? You may want general information on homeschooling first, including resources;
  • If you already bought a curriculum learn what to do with a curriculum for the entire year;
  • Related post on how to find your homeschool style and start homeschooling from cero;
  • For any other topics on how to homeschool online or offline, find the tag ‘homeschool‘.

Some parents choose a virtual school before a membership resource site or a single curriculum for each subject. The reason is they need to collecting credits, as is necessary with high schoolers. Two comments on that. Watch out – not even all public schools (in the US) are accredited. And two, a clarification: That, which is accredited, is always a school or a learning institution and not a curriculum. That means if your personal focus is “accreditation” you will look for virtual schools, and also check back if they’re accredited when you homeschool online with them.


  1. Homeschool Online – Where to Start?
  2. How to Homeschool Online With Virtual Schools
  3. Homeschool Online with Membership Sites
  4. How to Homeschool Online With Unit Studies

1. Homeschool Online – Where to Start?

This post is for new homeschoolers who have no clue yet but know of one thing: they want to do it all online. And it is for experienced homeschoolers who want to switch styles or online schools or both.

In this post you’ll come across a personal selection of online services to help you in your homeschool journey and learn how to homeschool online. If you’re a mom seeking some help and advice just send along an email or use the contact form to find a link where to sign up for my this post.

Finally, this post is not about the various styles of homeschooling. If you want to dig into that first, just subscribe to the newsletter to access that post and other subscriber-only resources to get exclusive access to.

Find general information and US-based K-12 learning options from online to in-person learning. That website is in English and Spanish/Español with a pop-up or in the top right corner. But let’s now go over a bunch of homeschool online institutions in alphabetical order right here, too.

2. How to Homeschool Online With Virtual Schools

Abeka means for you that your kids learn in their homeschool online from a real teacher before a real class, while your children at home are refered to at times. Your kids can see other kids learning, get more distracted or interested and might feel like “at school”. If you see this as advantage please also note, these are not live-classes. Your children may take assignments and are trained for college with content and quality, based on a Christian worldview. You may check samples before buying. It’s also good for younger ages because they include repetition, like is important with reading. Go here if you have a kid with a dyslexia issue, by the way.

Apex Learning is a well-known online player with unique curriculum out there. They have well-structured curricula with partly live classes* and even classes for exotic languages. They put their online curricula onto their website so that you can see the content taught. They’ve been out there for some decades now, have for-credit courses, tutorials and various features to book.

BC Online School is good for Canadians. Do you want to learn how to homeschool online while staying within Canada’s educational priorities? They provide “… Creative Course Solutions for All Your Education Needs. Find courses not offered at your middle or high school,” is stated on their website. The latter means they regard themselves also as add-on for any missing subject onsite, which you’re interested in. The enrolement for the next season* is in the season before.

BJU Press Homeschool has been providing distance-learning video courses for decades. They offer 30-days money-back guarantee for their courses and also payment plans. BJU Press offers a Homeschool Curriculum based on a Christian worldview with engaging videos. You can choose to go with DVDs or learn online. Schooldays may last as long as an estimated 5-6 hours, and are highly structured. Check out for sample previews of lessons on their website to see if you like their style. Here you are with sample documents.

Bridgeway Homeschool Academy is for individual learning needs for grades 1-12. If you want to have all-in-one they offer a whole year’s package with all subjects included. Alternatively, they have a program finder to customize their resources to your context, or you may just shop single online classes with them. The blog they run is also useful, for example with a post on how to combining homeschooling with a full-time job.

Clonclara offers various programs – including an online program and services for international students. The site has a limited SSL-encrpytion. That can mean that you live in a country where homeschooling is legally permitted as long as your child belongs to a ‘real’ school. So with Clonclara you can get such admission confirmation while paying only a small enrolment fee. This is what a friend of mine does. They have international client support in various languages, amongst them German. If you’re German, see also this quick review. They’re open to all kind of people, and are only accepting a limited number of students to truly connect, see their statement in the footer.

Connections Academy is a tuition-free* international academy. It serves mainly in the US but also outside. Actually, Connections Academy distinguishes a virtual school as alternative to homeschooling. Therefore, they’re offering interesting arguments on the issue of virtual schooling in that place. When you scroll a bit down their argumentation, you’ll also come across the differences explained between studying in an online school versus in a homeschool. That might help you in your choice on how home-educating your children. And don’t ever forget – you don’t have to do it like this all through a student’s school life. You might change for the next term. Subscribe and find some more reasoning in this post.

Florida Virtual School is an accredited 100% virtual school. It’s been a reference for homeschoolers globally for decades already, also to earning degrees. So, if you plan to homeschool the entire K-12 then, you might want to get an external degree, it can be gained here – independently* of prior enrollment to their courses. A bi-national couple I know has homeschooled their 2 kids in two countries in Europe all through K-12. At the end, they enrolled their children into Florida Virtual School just to take the final high school assessments online and earn an international degree to enter higher education.

Global Indian International School is located in Asia if you are situated there and prefer a virtual school on your continent. This virtual school’s so-called SMART campus offers education for all students of all grades. You can take a virtual tour to get a better idea of their concept. This school aims for students reaching their full potential, including in extra-curricular activities and claim to reach top results on international level, see here.

HSLDA Online Academy is part of the Homeschool Legal Defence Association, which is the go-to resource on legal advice on homeschooling in the US and beyond. Interestingly enough, they run an online academy based on a Christian worldview and live interactive courses . I’ve reviewed them briefly here since they do offer a German course, too. Their courses offer credits, which is the more important the older your kids get. In case you want to switch to public schooling or need to move elsewhere that might help much better than informal certifications.

Stanford Online High School is the #1 in California in 2 areas and for STEM prep #2 in California, according to Niche review. The annual tuition is high, almost $25.000* including admission fee. However, the results of higher education prep seem spectacular and might save their students much higher study costs later if they’re able to earn scholarships with such an outstanding compulsory education basis. From August – June is their school year.

Veritas Press offers live online classes included in their annual programs. It’s based on a Christian worldview. Courses are self-paced with occasional tutorials. It stresses mastering language arts first and foremost as means to then gain knowledge in the various fields. If that approach is new to you it might come closest to name it a ‘philosophical approach’ since the mastery of language is of prior importance when dealing with ideas, concepts and alike. They also offer various free resources, and are reviewed at least in one blog I came across to having a great customer service. Find a current and extend external review on the Veritas Press self-paced curriculum.

Best of. If you’d like to check the “best of” how to homeschool online opportunities by categories I’d like to recommend you this post on homeschool programs with a collection by another site. It features global players by categories, like “best for budget” or “best free”. It’s not an official viewpoint but an overview for those who need quick help.

3. Homeschool Online with Membership Sites

Homeschool Buyers’ Co-op. With their Virtua feature you start off with $1* a month with them here and then, homeschoolers pay a monthly fee of $29,99* to use this curriculum for grades 2-10. It’s certainly good to adjust the frequency and variety of newsletters in the account that their buyer will create, otherwise all the information coming in may be overwhelming.

Schoolhouseteachers is a Christian membership site with a community and an active Facebook group. The annual membership fee is $180*, and the first month is $5* only. You may watch out on special offers once in a while. If you’re a new homeschooler it might be confusing: They’ve got a huge collection of single or moduled topics, levels, and presentation styles. You can pick, choose or unchoose any topics or courses up to your preference since they’re self-paced and all included within the membership. The decision if that’s a fit, too easy or to hard – is all up to you. You cannot contact a tutor but get in touch with the course creator and other members.

Sofatutor is a German membership site with a monthly fee and lots of short videos, interactive tests right after the videos, and corresponding worksheet as downloadable PDFs. You can filter by grade, topic, age. I’ve explained the site in a related post Kinder zuhause unterrichten in German, and English – in a white box starting ‘German Apps and Sofatutor’. You find it when you scroll down the section.

Accredited K-12 Education is provided by Education World Wide, and again – it’s based in Florida, the US leading State for online education for the past decades. It covers all of K-12 however, it’s costly. It’s accredited in the US, and certainly worth to check out if you’re looking for a valid certification at the end of a school year or the entire compulsory education.

*No warantees are made.

4. How to Homeschool Online With Unit Studies

HomeschoolOn. You can buy this Christian provider’s digital unit studies. In the footer, you find the about-section with a statement of faith. She has offered cooperations for the new school year in earlier years, which is various families studying a resource together and so getting a discounted price. So you might like to check with her if that’s still possible.

Techie Homeschool Mom. First of all, this site isn’t SSL encrypted, which I usually don’t recommend. However, the Techie Homeschool Mom is good for all tech tips related to your homeschool and offers a wide range of unit studies as online courses, if you like to go along with single topics. The worldview is Christianity-based and she runs various offers once in a while to get a discounted price.

Unit Studies by homeschooler Amanda Bennett. The perspective is US-American if you live there. She’s originally a mechanical engineer and went from 18 years of homeschooling practise to offering unit studies – single or bundled.

German Distance School is for primary education, grades 1-4 only. The material is entirely in German. However, to browse the website you may choose your language in top right corner. This non-profit has been sending highest quality distance-learning resources all over the world since 1971. They also have a few online moduls. Their target learners are native German-grown speakers aged Pre-K through grade 4. Currently they offer: German, Math, English as Second Language (ESL), Natural Sciences, and Fine Arts. Some material is also for preschool age (3-4 years), and German is developed to also run into grade 5, to my knowledge. Instead of a whole year’s curriculum you might also order per quarter, units and with or without teachers’ feedback (60% of pricing difference).

*No warantees are made.

How to Homeschool Online is a Matter of Information not of Possibilities Nowadays.

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