How to Find My Homeschool Style Series 1

How to Find Your Homeschool Style 1 – Start a Homeschool From Cero

Do you want to start homeschooling from cero in the coming school year? And you want to know how to find your homeschool style? read on! These and more issues are covered in this series. See part 2: Homeschooling Yes or No.

If you’ve ever asked yourself if you could start out homeschooling, too – like so many other moms – this is for you. Maybe, you decide to NOT homeschool eventually. As for now, it’s all about gathering information

‘How to find my homeschool style’ is just a summary for the many details involved when a family starts out homeschooling. Let’s tackle some of them – quick overview:

National Regulations

The quick answer is: check regulations in your nation, your state, your locality – wherever you’re: Is it allowed or not? And there are also countries with a ‘grey zone’, where there’s neither a law to prohibit nor permit homeschooling.

‘How to find my homeschool style’ rather is the second question after having answered the question on where to start, at all. The prior and only concern at the beginning are the governmental regulations for school choice in your place. For a quick overview find a list of links in this related post on home education, and look for the legal advice bullet point. It leads you to a link where you get to see a world map, and below the continents, which you can browse for countries and get straight to the laws in your place.

How to Find your Homeschool Style

Secured your entire family wants to jump into this whole new education world and you as parents are heading into that direction together, then the next step is about how to find your homeschool style. This means, to either go along a structure, which usually is a curriculum. Or it’s to ‘unschool’ your home, given the legislation in your place opens up for that choice, of course. ‘Unschooling’ is – simply put – doing what you want when it comes to home education. For more on styles, subscribe to my newsletter and access this protected post on in a series on syllabus creation for homeschoolers, where I recommend an article. It explains all the different homeschool styles that are out there. Did you know? There’re more than ten! Here you may start with a list to help you find your homeschool style right away.

How to Find your Homeschool Style Along a Plan for the Family

Whatever you decide for – you’ll need some kind of plan for your family life. Check how many people you are, and if there’re any external demands on your family that set you bounderies on homeschooling. It means you need to consider returning obligations to fullfil that put stress on your schedule as family. It cannot be ignored if one parent works outside home in a 9/5-job, and the other parent wants to homeschool just one child or 3 and more children.

Thoughts on Unschooling

Your curriculum – for unschoolers. If you want to unschool your home get connected with others that do the same. You still need to keep in mind that in lots of countries there’s a Common Core up that outlines the framework for any formal education. With ‘Unschooling’ the techniques and methods to teach may be different from what you learnt to be a ‘school’. However, there’re techniques up, there’re considerations and motivations around that newbies should learn about before starting out.

Necessity of a Curriculum

Curriculum – for pre-structured teaching. If you want to know how to find your homeschool style while going along a given curriculum, it depends a bit on the regulations in your nation how much freedom you’ll face to do so.

A second reason for going along a curriculum is that your child is likely to pass any AP exams or graduation assessments when it has been prepared thoroughly. You may choose an online school that addresses all subjects.

Consequently, if you prefer to go along a given curriculum, let me give you two tips. One, watch out for a curriculum that teaches ‘from the end.’ Don’t choose a course here, and there, and every year a different organisation or company. As teacher, I’d suggest you stick with one curriculum from one resource for a period of time: primary education, middle school, high school – ideally, throughout all school life. And two, don’t forget your ‘hidden curriculum‘. Read the related post, and you’ll see what I mean. It’s about hidden values within your family.

How to Find Your Homeschool Style is a Matter of Experience. It’s about Trial & Error, and Adjustments on the Way.

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