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The Homeschool Upgrade Online Summit 2020

About. How to connect faith, family & following a different drum.

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The Homeschool Upgrade Online Summit is for Parents With a Vision

“Climb past the distractions of worldly success and discover the family discipleship life — seeking first God’s kingdom in every part of your homeschool,” is what the organizors challenge you to consider.

The Homeschool Upgrade Online Summit is free if you sign up by Monday, October 12th. ‘Seeking God’s kingdom’ means marching to the drum of a transcendent person who Christians call the ‘triune God’. So, the Homeschool Upgrade Online Summit is to help you integrating that idea in your everyday education.

The Purpose of the Homeschool Upgrade Summit

The mission of Christian parents is monumental: To raise children to being disciples of Jesus Christ, who know their God, and “seek God’s Kingdom above everything”, as said. Don’t need more background? Go straight to >>Event’s Schedule

Let’s talk about some background of the Christian belief. A Christian is not born into Christianity. A person may have been brought up by parents who held that belief. However, that doesn’t make a child a Christian. Nor does it any traditional ritual. In the contrary and exclusively, a Christian is someone who has been born again. This is taken from the Bible, the gospel of John, chapter 3.

The values, worldview and patterns to think and live are distinct for people with Christian faith values than for people without such. That has to do with a different inner mindset and conviction as a result of what John summarizes in his gospel as a ‘new birth’.

It certainly makes a difference in your actions if you have values based on a Christian belief. Others may call polarizing categories out-dated when a Christian classifys certain actions as good / bad, or right / wrong. That has to do with a differing underlying assumption.

Roughly, Christianity spread in the same time when the ancient philosophers operated with strict logic. Logic was and is based on the idea that there’s such a thing like objective truth. A common understanding of what is human or inhuman, right or wrong, and most importantly true or false existed. Nowadays instead, the prevalent belief in ‘Western’ or highly developed societies is that objective truth does not exist, actually. Under current postmodern reality in civilized societies only subjective, individual “truth” exists, which actually by-passes the traditional understanding of the term itself. ‘Truth’ has always and exclusively been objective.

Jesus Christ claimed to be the Truth. Christians therefore, have to start with Christ as inner north star. That means, an objective truth. Learning more about him is possible by reading the New Testament, the 2nd part of the Bible. Integrating a God-centered mindset into education has an impact on the next generation, and beyond.

To help parents in this journey, the Homeschool Upgrade Summit has been created. It’s a free online event to help you and thousands of other homeschooling families to “climb past the distractions of worldly success” and upgrade your vision, relationships, academics, and success to a life of family discipleship. 

The term ‘discipleship’ reminds one of Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples who followed him. And it goes beyond historic description. Discipleship nowadays incorporates the ideas of new-born Christians learning from more mature Christians. In the family context it can be translated into children looking up to their parents’ role model.

This is where the Homeschool Upgrade Online Summit comes in: it’s to help Christian parents grow in the aspect of discipling their children and beyond, getting practical help & tools.

Details on the When, the How, the What & Why You Should Participate

The Homeschool Upgrade Online Summit is from 12-16 October, 2020 and features over 20 exclusive video sessions with world-class speakers who will share their wisdom with a purpose in mind: To strengthen families in the Christian faith so that the person of Jesus Christ has priority or pre-eminence.

Such assumption is based on the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as recognized by a range of scholars worldwide. The summit’s purpose includes that its organizers hold the Christian belief that Jesus Christ is not dead but risen from the death. That means, he’s alive. If you’ve never heard of that idea you might want to check the Bible for direct feedback or can learn more about why trusting the Bible as resource.

The summit’s organizers have curated interviews such that you as participant may walk away with applicable truth. It’s to help your family flourish as you invest your time to learn from others.

Each day focusses on upgrading a specific area of your homeschool:

  • Kick-off Keynote, October 12;
  • Vision, October 13: Cultivate your child’s discipleship and educational journey with their eternal calling in view;
  • Relationships, October 14: Intentionally pursue relational health as the key to lifelong discipleship;
  • Academics, October 15: Discover the simplicity of a God-centered education that develops both – your child’s love for learning and for God;
  • Success, October 16: Launch your children into life to courageously seek first the ‘kingdom of God’ for the glory of God.

Again, the entire event is free if you sign up by Monday, October 12th, and in addition to the video sessions, you’ll also get access to an online exhibit hall with exclusive discounts and freebies, and a private Facebook group to connect with the Homeschool Summits community.

Sounds good? Don’t wait! Learn more and register for free for a limited time only at …

Learn and Grow and Join the Homeschool Upgrade Online Summit!

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