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The Homeschool Teaching Summit 2.0

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There are many reasons why families homeschool their kids. Behind many of these approaches there is the idea of individualized learning. Maybe this sounds strange and totally new to you. If so, get oriented a bit and learn more about some topics homeschoolers face here. In short, homeschoolers prefer their kids to learn in an individualized rather than in a collective setting.

Why is it then only an option for rather a minority worldwide? To me, the answer is: it is frightening. The journey is unpredictable and the public opinion towards this kind of learning is hesitant. That is why the online summit, which is held this week from March 2 – 6, 2020, can be of great encouragement for the family who prefers their kids learning on their own. More on the details a little later. But let me ask you a question: Why do YOU homeschool if you do? What is your motivation? Let me suggest one of the following three stats.

Reasons to homeschool – need, location, conviction

Individual learner’s need. If a kid has a special education need individualized learning is of prior importance. Even in nations where homeschooling is declared being illegal it is possible for the impaired child’s family to experience a legalized exception. A child with a special education need e.g. in social-emotional perception like with an autism diagnosis may be educated at home with a school agency’s permission in cases, even though the normal obligation would be formal education at a school.

Far-away location. Sometimes, homeschooling is the better option in locations where teachers are rare and learning opportunities are missing. The need for a better alternative might be so demanding that families are looking for alternatives and end up starting homeschooling just because it’s the only way they see. In these families, teaching kids at home comes close to an adventure, where you start a trip not knowing where you’ll be ending. Oftentimes, it’s not the prefered choice but might become it down the road. Is this from where you started your journey off? It applies to expats as well, who’d like their kids study the stuff like the kids in their country of origin.

Strong convictions. Quite the opposite is true if you yourself were raised in a homeschooling family and grew up with individualized learning as if it was just normal. In such a background families know exactly why they teach their kids at home: it is to pass on convictions of an alternative lifestyle or religious background to the next generation. They’d like their kids to get to know it as thoroughly as possible. In this segment falls the summit, which is taking place. It is for families with a Christian conviction and intented to help them understand better how and why and what to teach at home as Christians.

Christian education at home

Have you come across this homeschool summit by accident or with a clear up-front knowledge? What is it about? It’s about needs, fears, and struggles of families with Christian values and how they can be passed onto the next generation. Maybe, this is you? Then the next question is: Have you been feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or just generally ill-equipped to balance parenting and homeschooling and the rest of regular life stuff?

Maybe you just feel like walking alone while all your acquaintances have chosen formal schooling? Then, you’ll get to know fellows who are there to be around with good input. The online summit for Christian homeschooling families is to support you in your questions through videos, resources and even a Facebook group just for the event.

The Homeschool Teaching Summit 2.0 is to refresh your excitement for the homeschool journey, equip you with practical teaching tools, and transform your vision for Christian education and discipleship, to prepare you for your best year of Christ-like teaching at home. ‘Christ-like’ teaching here means a teaching style as close as to what Jesus Christ would have lived if he’d been teaching in your shoes. Doesn’t that sound appealing? Throughout all religions, Jesus Christ is considered ‘the good man’, though not all do also acknowledge this person being God at the same time.

Jesus Christ as Teacher

Still, many a people worldwide would agree that following the example of Jesus Christ makes you a better person – and certainly a better teacher. Why? In his time on earth, he was called ‘teacher’ although not being heard always as such. He had something to say. Something to teach. Based on the assumption that it is better to listen to and do what Jesus Christ said, Christians today are trying to imitating their God.

What can you expect from the homeschool summit?

So, the summit this week offers topics primarily for Christians who’d like to apply Christian values in their teaching at home. Who’d like to teach close to Jesus Christ’s teachings. The topics addressed during the summit are therefore diverse. They address the many facettes of Christian education in the context of kids exclusively learning at home.

The topics come across through interviews, which is entertaining and much easier to grasp than if just presented as speeches. It goes like this: the hosts of the summit invite a guest to share his or her area of expertise answering questions in about 45-min video sessions. Most importantly, each video from this event will focus on the truth found in God’s Word and the hope that lies in trusting in Jesus Christ for today and for the future.

All of the video sessions, with top Christian homeschooling and parenting speakers and authors, come along with a Christ-centered focus to bring you the strategic help for these topics:

  • Day 1: Teaching Foundations (the big-picture homeschooling vision)
  • Day 2: Teaching Mechanics (teaching how-tos and strategies)
  • Day 3: Teaching “That” Kid (struggling learners and parenting helps)
  • Day 4: Teaching with Sanity (schedules and simplicity)
  • Day 5: Teaching for Eternity (Gospel-powered homeschooling)

The entire event is FREE if you sign up by Monday, March 2nd, and in addition to the video sessions, you’ll get access to an online exhibit hall, with exclusive discounts and freebies, daily devotions for homeschool moms. It is all there to help you, Christian, set your heart on the Lord. If you are not entirely convinced what to think of Christianity, you’ll get an idea of the values and lifestyle attached to the Christian life.

A private Facebook group is available to connect with the Homeschool Summits community. Alternatively, you may buy the all-access pass for lifelong access and watch the interviews at your convenience. This is valuable if you don’t have the time to follow through all the sessions you’d like to right now.

Sum up

Whatever path you choose to participate in the summit – in real time or postponed – by God’s grace, you’ll walk away from the Homeschool Teaching Summit 2.0 with your heart renewed and your mind cleared for a fresh start to your homeschool. It may be even deeper, as you get in touch with a worldview, which is the Christian faith, and its values presented here and might change your life into a purposeful journey. If you have any questions on the Christian faith please, feel free to contact me. If you have questions on how to better homeschool your kids as Christian feel free to sign up today for the Homeschool Teaching Summit. Be refreshed, equipped, and transformed.

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