The Homeschool Curriculum Summit 2.0

The Homeschool Curriculum Summit 2.0

About. How to connect faith & curriculum.

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The Curriculum Summit is for parents to learn how to homeschool

Is it possible to homeschool with confidence? The answer is, yes! Maybe it’s been a long time that you’ve invested in your own education? As in every endeavour some experience is needed and input from the outside useful. Technical stuff needs to be learnt, indeed. Where do you learn the techniques in any discipline? It’s at school. However, where is the school for parents to learn how to homeschool? The organizers offer The Homeschool Curriculum Summit 2.0 for free and it’s like your school as parent.

The Homeschool Curriculum Summit 2.0 is an online event with lots of video interviews and more, where homeschoolers may profit from the advice of much more experienced parents who have left footprints in the homeschooling path. It’s also a place to study technical stuff, which is about curricula here.

If you need it you may also find general information on homeschooling and find out more on the organization Generations since they’re partnering with Homeschoolsummits.

The Curriculum Summit is Based on Christian Faith Values

What does that mean? People with a Christian faith try to connect that faith to daily life issues, possibly to all of daily life. Surely, homeschooling falls into that segment. So those Christians now offer insight into helpful curricula for various subjects in English, and those curricula are brought by creators who try to connect them with Christian faith values. So, if you are interested in the Christian faith the Curriculum Summit gives you insight on that, too along presented curricula.

If you’d like to better understand the background of homeschooling based on Christian faith there is another post on that you might like to read here on the relation between both. practises.

Currently, there are so many countries out there, where homeschooling is not only possible but obliged by governments due to the current worldwide health crisis. There is a collective call for parents to balance out the missing teacher. And sometimes, it’s even the missing worksheets. To give you some ideas what kinds of a curriculum are out there in the English speaking world just choose for one of the many free sessions and learn how to connect faith, curriculum, and homeschooling.

Details on the When, the How & the What

The Homeschool Curriculum Summit 2.0 is coming this May 4-8, 2020.

The Homeschool Curriculum Summit is all in English and brings Christian truth values right down to the basics of how to decide which curriculum to use. You’ll come across video interviews of about 45-60 min length each. Therefore, it’s pretty entertaining if the whole world of choosing a curriculum is totally new to you. You may also rewatch a video as they’re up for free for a limited time. Or as well, you may choose for lifelong access and buy a pass to watch and go through the material at your convenience or individual need.

You’ll learn to

  • evaluate curriculum options from a Christian worldview perspective,
  • identify the right fit for every subject, for every child, and therefore – homeschool with confidence built on the foundation of God’s truth as found in the Bible.

All of the video sessions with top Christian homeschool speakers bring a Christ-centered focus to these subjects & interests:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Language
  • Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Finding the Right Tools for You

The entire event is free if you sign up by May 4th. In addition, you’ll also get access to an online exhibit hall (with exclusive discounts and freebies), daily Christian devotions, and a private Facebook group to connect with speakers and other attendees. You’ll walk away from the Homeschool Curriculum Summit 2.0 equipped to choose your educational tools with wisdom and a perspective grounded in the Bible.

Homeschooling While Integrating Truth Into Everyday Life

What kind of a book is the Bible? People with a Christian faith regard it as objective, for example in correctly documenting history in one region of the world. In other words, they regard the Bible as truthful. It’s stated that the Bible is the book having been read by 5 Billion readers in total and is therefore the most read book in the world in all times.

A similar result is found in this article published around Christmas 2012 in the Business Insider online. The author acknowledges the Bible to be the most read book of all times, too. This differing statistic is based on how many copies of a book have been sold over the period of the last 50 years. Isn’t the Bible worth considering, therefore?

Let’s conclude that this book is special. It contains special information that is relevant to human life. Amongst it there are the 10 commandments. They are considered THE ethical standard for democratic societies to the day. Why is that? I suggest because it’s a sound collection of ideas that help humans live well together – as individuals and as societies. It’s also a book that gives orientation with a transcendent perspective when human life is shaken like it is right now globally.

Both indicators, the total number of readers and the interest in the Bible in the generations alive challenge individuals to live up to the standards of the Bible. They challenge to seeking insight from the world’s most read book on how to school well before the prevalent current crisis. One of the challenges is for parents who homeschool, and it’s found in Psalm 78, verse 4:

“Telling the next generation to come to praises of the Lord, and his strength and his wonderful works that he has done.”

To know how to telling the next generation about values found in the Bible it’s good to learn about technical tools. You’ll be able to learn about some of them for free in the upcoming Curriculum Summit. And it’s good to evaluate priorities in education. When families begin centering their home education journey on what is written in the Old and New Testaments they’ll have made an invisible investment for a purposeful life on earth, and beyond.

What are you waiting for? Learn more and register for free for The Homeschool Curriculum Summit 2.0!

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