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10 Unusual German Language Resources Online

So you want to learn German? Why? Do you need a B2 approbation to study abroad? A simple question often leads to clear results. Or is it to meet your highschool requirements? In that case your path will be different. You’d primarily need to collect credits, then. Make sure you know what goal you want to study for. Then, check out these German language resources online, which are listed below. Sometimes, people learn a language online to bridge a knowledge gap to what they learn on campus but actually don’t understand.

In this post, you’ll come across different suggestions to study the language online. Some of the German language resources online are free of charge, which is why they are interesting for students who are preparing to take an assessment. Some of them are Christian resources, which is interesting if you’d like to combine language learning with Christian worldview issues. Be sure to come across a colorful bunch of websites that you haven’t probably come across elsewhere. One resource is discussed more extendedly below the list. It is Germany’s international media voice abroad, called the Deutsche Welle.

Quick Overview of out in Left Field German Language Online Resources

German onlineLevelsCosts*AboutAnything else?
Bibel.TVInformalFreeChristian TV programMediathek, e.g. with Livestreams or Kids’ Program
Deutsche Welle A1 – C2 Free Germany’s official international voice in 30+ languagesLevels taught through various means, like via Nico’s adventures series A1 – B1 with free PDF or courses filtered by level including B1, B2 and C-levels
DeutschlernerblogInformalFreePosts on idioms, culture, and real life languageRich practise exercises, comments & suggestions, entirely in German.
Deutsche FernschuleFormal education grades 1-4. Various products filtered by age here. Annual course ~1800€ with certificate and teacher, half the prize when learnt without school’s frequent feedback systemGerman scholarly material for 40 weeks / 5 hrs per week along Common Core. Also as ‘light’ version. Correspondence and online material. Sends courses worldwide for about 50 yrs already to native speakers who want to have their kids learn German abroad as if at home. Find age-related children’s books, & early learning globally.
German to goA1 – B1Yearly membership 99$, the monthly one is more expensiveFor Adults, real life language & dialoguesTeacher switches from English to German. One of the best resources I’ve come across. Free trial.
HSLDA Academy German 1 & 2 $525 – $575 per year / course and registration fee $25. Credit: 1For Christian Homeschoolers, with live classes, August through MayHighschool credits in foreign language studies. Teacher is likely not a native speaker as it is not featured in bio.
‘All’ Language ResourcesInformalFor-pay language learning institutes or plattforms listed. Filtered by language.For the adult learnerColorful collection of language learning options. Includes only subjective ratings & reviews.
PodcastInformalAccount necessary, free.Weekly, relevant lessonsFeatured in various famous magazines. More on learning German here.
Studying in GermanyInformalFreeBackground knowledge for students who plan to study abroad in GermanyDirect link for language learning here. Orientates on the culture and studying.
Deutsch AkademieInformalOnline for freeGrammar training course onlineLanguage school from Vienna with various international locations – interesting is the online presence, though.

*No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

Tips for related posts

Deutsche Welle. German Language Resources Online Levels A1 – C2

This is the news channel or media voice of Germany abroad. In the website’s topbar you’ll find 30 languages represented to browse most of the website. So, it is easy to navigate it in most cases even if you hardly know the language. And here you are with various options to learn it. Actually, if you scroll down the page just a bit you’ll come across an option in the sidebar on the right to choose a course even in your mother tongue showing: ‘Die Deutschkurse gibt es auch in Deiner Sprache”, and a window with alphabetical options to choose from. This page, then is available only in German. Therefore some background to orientate oneself is certainly helpful.

Recommendable for the language learner is a free series of short episodes about Nico. You may start to choose your level A1, A2, B1, B2. If you don’t know which one to choose you’ll find a placement test right on the same page. Nico experiences different situations in daily life. The clips are short, about 1-3 min long. There is a total of about 70 series. You may filter either by topics or levels.

There is another series with 20 episodes about relevant know-how on Germany. It is called Deutschlandlabor. The clips are 5-6 min long and show real life in its various culturally relevant aspects. Another option on this page is to go directly by topics. This is especially useful if you practise for an exam and need to fresh up specific vocabulary. Check out this free related resource of Deutsche Welle. And if you’d like to test how good you actually are, read more about free language assessments. Go ahead. Study. Enjoy German language resources online!

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