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Test Your Skills in the German Language With Goethe Institut – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

A high quality resource is offering language self-assessment online for free. Oops? Is that true? Yes, and it’s of interest for the German language learner. Maybe you want to prepare yourself for enrolling in a Master’s program in Germany then, you’d also like to prepare yourself in the language. Deutsch.

Do you Want to Learn the German Language With the Best? Then, Research Goethe Institut!

Why is the Goethe Institute valuable for the German language learner? Since there are soo many online resources to learning the German language, you’ll want to dig right into what I found is only offered by Goethe institute: free pre-tests in any level of CEFR. This is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) standard. The CEFR includes six proficiency levels ranging from A1 (beginner) – C2 (near native fluency). Read more here on English CEFR levels to understand what it is like in foreign languages.

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The Goethe Institut and the German Language Material it Offers Online

Goethe Institut is the globally recognized resource for learning the German Language on-site, and they will charge you for. However, they have free online resources, of which you will learn shortly. And if you plan to move to Germany you’ll want to return to Goethe Institute. Why?

Actually, Goethe Institut goes far beyond German language learning, and their website represents its purpose: It is the officially recognized cultural institution by the government of Germany. You’ll get the big picture of learning German with Goethe Institut. You’ll learn what lies beyond the culture and the land. It is to learn how to think like a German.

Some people say that if you want to comprehend a culture you need to know the language of its people. And this is true of studying German

Does that motivate you? If you are a learner with a tight budget make sure to check your German language proficiency with Goethe Institute online AND free of charge AND with a key provided. Having passed such self assessment, e.g. at B2-level, you shall be ready to then spending your hard-earned money on any ‘real’ CEFR assessment or on the right German course. At Goethe Institut they even bother about your age group. You can test your language skills with free tests in all levels for both, adults and youth.

How do you take a ‘Goethe German’ online test, then? Although Goethe Institut’s official website is in German it offers an English version, too. You’ll find it easy to navigate the free resources page. The site relies on light green boxes to lead you directly to their language courses and assessments, start here. When scrolling down the page, you are actually able to recognizing the box right below the first picture on their homepage.

All their material is valuable, indeed and especially interesting for international students who plan to study in Germany with a scholarship program like Erasmus and need at least a B1 or even a B2-level certificate to come here.

Therefore, be prepared for a German language exam with Goethe Institut. Go to the middle of the box, headline „Deutschprüfungen“ or on their English site, ‘German Examinations.’ If you are on the German site, click the first subtitle: >>Unsere Deutschprüfungen. It will lead you to this site with the certificates. If you go with the English site, you’ll be at ‘Our German exams.’ In any light green box you may choose the certificate, which you would like to (l)earn, and click on that title. You may download PDF files there with an exact assessment sample in the chosen level. Each PDF comes accompanied with an audio file for listening comprehension.

Let us run a quick test with GOETHE – ZERTIFIKAT B2 level for the German language

Having clicked the title, this page will open up. Scroll down to the blue links right above the footer. Click on the left one >>Zu den Übungsmaterialien, and you will be directed to this page. There you’ll find podcasts with exercises that are similar to the official for-pay assessments as downloadable MP4 or online audio file. All audios are accompanied by a PDF file, downloadable from above the audio file.

Tipp. Children’s books easy read for learners of German as second language. Quick list.

If you are looking for ideas for young kids to learn the German language check out these books for pre-school and primary school ages.

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