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Free Homeschool Summit. April 5 – 9

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The God-Centered Homeschool is a free homeschool online summit with focus on how to homeschool and passing on the Christian faith. It takes place from April 5 -9, 2021. This summit is to help you eliminate the burden of a thousand competing “priorities” and reorient your everyday homeschooling around the triune God of the Bible.

Who is Speaking at This Free Homeschool Summit?

This free homeschool summit features over 20 exclusive video sessions with world-class speakers who will share their wisdom with one purpose in mind: Bringing the power of the Cross to the messiness of our homeschools for the glory and praise of God. If you’re familiar with that terminology scroll straight down to the sign up & schedule with one specific focus for each day. You may also read on to get some…

Wording Demystified

Bearing a cross. When people talk about a ‘cross’, generally speaking, they often mean a tough phase in person’s life, from which there’s hardly an escape. People need to ‘bear this cross.’ It’s assumed that someone needs to go through those hard times because of the path being determined by circumstances, like an illness, a death of a family member, and other difficult unchangeable situations in life.

The historic Cross. However, describing a hard time in an individual’s life with ‘bearing a cross, initiates almost automatically a reminiscence of the most famous cross in history: the cross that the historic person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth had to bear. That’s where the phrase is adapted from. It has become so famous that people worldwide even wear its symbol around their necks. That wooden cross in history, though was difficult to bear for Jesus Christ.

Purpose of the historic Cross. Jesus Christ followed a transcendent calling – teaching people about the ‘Kingdom of God’, like in the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus Christ was not limited to being a teacher, though. He was taking away the sins of all individuals of all times by dying on a cross and giving them the promise of eternal life – under one condition: their faith as response. It’s based on the assumption that humans are transcendent beings with a need for answers to profound questions like these:

  • Where did I come from?
  • Where am I going [after death]?
  • Why am I here for?

The ‘Power of the Cross’. And that’s what the term “the power of the cross” wants to point you to: Jesus Christ was not just a historic, material person but claimed to be the Son of God with supernatural power. He is reported in the Bible of not having sinned ever and so proven to be the Son of God without failures. Therefore, he was able to conquer what the New Testament describes as consequence of sin – death.

The historic ressurection. Jesus Christ therefore proofed a power unknown to humans. Read more on the resurrection in this related post. That means, Jesus Christ is described as historic human being with physical limitations while at the same time being a transcendent God with the power to heal, and rise from the death – just dare to believe that. Such faith turns into a visible ingredient to a God-centered homeschool over time. This free homeschool summit was created to combine faith topics and homeschooling.

Why is This Free Homeschool Summit Good – Even for you?

First of all, there has been a shift towards homeschooling due to school lockdowns to the day – maybe you even were affected yourself with your family for the first time? When earlier on only a minority of students was being homeschooled, e.g. in 2016 as that official statistics of a U.S. government agency shows now, in 2021 and only 5 years later, the number of homeschoolers in the U.S. has almost tripled, as the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) shows.

But what if you declare yourself to being an atheist? Well, some topics addressed are not limited to a belief one holds. They’re for anyone in touch with homeschooling – and they’ll help you to get a vision and be inspired by other homeschoolers. You don’t need to walk alone. You don’t need to do this all by yourself.

Maybe, the whole idea of the existence of God is new to you then, the homeschool summit will help you to learn more about truth in a triune God. Why not studying the Christian faith a bit right now while we all go through uncertain times? Christians learn about uncertain times in the New Testament, and that’s the hidden resource on which this free homeschool summit is built upon. If you better know what the Christian faith is, you’re better off to decide whether this is for you – or not so.

If you’re a Christian believer, instead each day of this free homeschool summit focusses on reorienting your aim in a specific zone. “God-centered” then, refers to the God of the Bible. In other words, all theology that intertwines with free teachings during this free homeschool summit basically refers to the Bible always, and not to any other ‘religious’ book. Just keep that in mind.

Others might wonder how to homeschool a 2-years old or a homeschool high school student. This summit is a good place to start, finding input and connecting with homeschoolers. Therefore, let’s see the overview for each day.


  • Monday: Kick-off Keynote
  • Tuesday on God-Centered Parents: Personal humility and repentance are the keys to leading our children to the King.
  • Wednesday on God-Centered Teaching: Develop a worldview of education that reflects the beauty of the Gospel and the grandeur of our God.
  • Thursday on a God-Centered Curriculum: Worship God in every educational niche, from math to science and everything in between. 
  • Friday on God-Centered Calling: Give your children a high call for a mission that will outlast this world.

The entire event is FREE if you sign up through April 9th. In addition to the video sessions, you’ll get access to an online exhibit hall with exclusive discounts and freebies, and a private Facebook group to connect with the Homeschool Summits community. And it’s about making God the center of your homeschool. So, this free homeschool summit is full of valuable resources beyond the daily interview sessions, indeed.

Don’t wait! It’s for a limited time only! Learn more and …

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