Christian Graduation Gifts

3 Christian Graduation Gifts

Christian graduation gifts are oftentimes related to symbolism. The first three ideas here suggest alternative presents, instead. Curious? Read on!

On My Own – For Life After Graduation

As graduate, you’re thrown into the adult world almost over night. Some might have volunteered or earned a side-income while studying for a degree. However, that’s usually seperated from a work experience with full responsibility. To help you as parent to getting your son or daughter prepared for what’s expected of them after high school or college, this book looks like the perfect gift.

In a short video Bobb Biehl introduces you into this special graduation gift for $20* called On My Own. Just scroll down the page to find it, or even getting inspired for an additional gift idea.

Bobb Biehl has been a consultant for corporations, non-profit organisations, and churches. He has mentored more than 1.000 leaders on a 1o1 basis, and is a global speaker.

Books on Leadership

Intervarsity Press Books is a reliable resource on books for all shades and confessions within the Christian community.

If your young adult graduates, it’s possible that he or she combines work life and ministry within a church in the future ahead. Here you are with eight books on leadership and ministry from this trusted resource. Pricing is between $10-15*.

I just want to highlight one of them here: the essays in honor of Don Carson. This is a collection on servant leadership by Richard Cunningham. In this leadership book you’ll come across well-known authors like Tim Keller, John Piper, and Packer and their thoughts on leadership in the church.

Bible Verses Memory System

The NavigatorsBible verse memory system is acknowledged by lots of practicioners to being successful. A variety of verses of the Old and New Testaments are there to be learnt by heart. Maybe your graduate doesn’t like to think of studying anyhow right now. However, it’s a good gift for life when you’re looking for Christian graduation gifts. The Navigators hold a record of many decades of 1o1-discipling men and women with their Bible verse memorization principles.

  • Sample: free one-page download available right above the order box, when you scroll down the link here
  • Click-Through to the memory aids, like accessories, e.g. a verse card holder, along the pricing for ebooks and print formats
  • In the AppStore: Topical Memory System Apps (TMS) for less than $5*
  • Link to order the TMS

*No warranties are given to the accuracy of pricings.

More Resources – Accessories for Women & Teachers

Tip 1. If you actually seek some decorative Christian graduation gifts with focus on Christian symbolism, go here to a gallery, where Ni’Kesia Pannell has visualized 25 gifts in a slider. The title suggests that faith is grown by any of those gifts. Who knows that? I don’t agree with that claim. Gifts are rather there to enjoy the degree together with the graduate. To honor his or her efforts to succeed in secondary or higher academics. However, the recommended gallery is well worth checking since there’s a variety of feminine accessories in just one place. It’s a good overview to increase your creativity for presents. You may find jewelry just as well as cups, or devotionals.

Tip 2 is for the pregnant graduate: Stylish diaper bags by Lily Jade, see related post in German with a direct link, Stylische Wickeltaschen. Lily Jade distributes elegant diaper bags, synthetic or leather, business or casual, in a rather classical style. She donates bags to women in developing countries. See more of her initiatives on her website or go directly to Embrace Grace, where she’s involved in supporting women that face an unexpected pregnancy. The bags of primarily one feature. They’re stylish.

Tip 3. Related post on Teacher Appreciation Gifts.

Christian graduation gifts may help the graduate to hold onto the Christian faith. You may help the graduate by opening up quality resources.

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